Is getting Callsigns via live ATC feed illegal?

I’m going to get some airline callsigns that i cant find by listening to ATC feed. Is that illegal? I’m just wondering if that is illegal to get an airline’s call sign by listening to ATC. I cant fly FlyErbil’s callsign, so I’m going to listen to Stockholm approach. Is that illegal to get their callsign using that method?

If websites like LiveATC (where you can listen to ATC ops) are here, I assume it isn’t. What IS illegal, though, is to use an ATC radio with a speaking function to interfere with ATC ops. In the US at least, I think it’s legal to listen in on ATC.


Ok. Ill use it to get the FlyErbil callsign. Thanks!

Depending on the country, actually. In Germany for example it’s not allowed to monitor the ATC frequency. That’s why you can’t find it on LiveATC.


Is Iraq one of them?

Great Britain doesn’t allow it as well, if I’m correct.


Is iraq allowed to broadcast ATC?

I don’t think it is. I know that it is definitely stupid illegal in China.
Someone has to spend 5 years in jail because of this.


Yeah, the UK is pretty weird actually.

This is from OFCOM (Office of Communication, the British communication regulator)

A radio scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically tune, or scan, two or more discrete frequencies stopping when it finds a signal on one of them and then continuing scanning when that frequency goes silent. […]

A license is not required to use a radio receiver or scanner as long as it is not capable of transmission. It is not illegal to sell, buy or own a scanner or any other receiver but it should only be used to listen to transmissions meant for general reception.

The services that can be listened to under the definition of general reception are:

  1. licensed broadcasting stations;
  2. amateur and citizens’ band radio transmissions; and
  3. weather and navigation transmissions

Radio scanners should not be used to listen to any other radio services, including illegal radio stations (pirates) (by virtue of the fact that they are not licensed radio stations).

So, basically it’s allowed to own a radio scanner but you’re only allowed to listen to licensed broadcasting stations, amateur and citizens’ band radio transmissions and weather and navigation transmissions. The problem is that aviation based transmission (ATC transmissions) don’t only constitute of navigation transmissions. That means that they are not in the clear. So even if it’s legal to possess a radio scanning device, it is illegal to listen to ATC.

As I said, the regulations are pretty weird. And it‘s not only Britain.

(Source, btw: Link to the PDF file from OFCOM)


Is it illegal to listen to iraq ATC?

I don’t know the Iraqi law. But if I’d have to guess, I’d say that it’s illegal over there just because of the political and military situation. But you’d have to check yourself to be sure. I don’t know.

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According to Wikipedia, FlyErbil does not have its own callsign

i think it does have one, its just i dont think we can find it.

The best way is to email or call your local airport and find out from them. Before buying my scanner, I emailed my local airport (Wellington International) asking if I would be allowed to listen to ATC using a one way scanner. They wrote back within a week and said that its totally fine. They have the knowledge for these kind of topics so, I’d recommend asking them.

Thanks. I will call Erbil airport and ask.

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Just out of curiosity:

You live in Massachusetts. Why do you want to listen to ATC in Iraq? And how exactly do you plan to listen to Erbils ATC frequency? I mean, there is now way to can connect to that frequency from where you live.

I like iraq, and i want to get FlyErbil’s callsign.

i dont know but maby there are more ways to listen to ATC.

No. Not at all. As far as I know.

These are the callsigns