Is gerneral aviation like c172 etc alowed to use WSSS/WSAC

is gerneral aviation like c172 etc alowed to use WSSS/WSAC.
i tried a while to find more information about it, but i found bought yes and no answer on it…

please let me know


uhh i think WSSS is a comercial airport ans WSAC is a Military airport as to my knowledge
you could use WIDD as an alternative

I think most of Asia is like Europe regarding this question.

Light aviation mostly have their own airport close to the national / major ones. You can always check the airport to see if they have the parking spot for your airframe (often okay for bizjet but not smaller).

The TBM is in the middle so I honestly don’t know.


Also i forgot to mention this but
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Hi, for general aviation in Singapore, only WSSL(Seletar airport) is used. WSSS and WSAC are mainly for commercial and military, although they are conjoined airports together now. WSSS is mostly used for commercial aviation though sometime military planes such as the RSAF MRTT may taxi past to get to WSAC.

I’m not sure about Singapore but normally wouldn’t be a problem to fly in international airports because most international airports have general aviation aprons for private jets and single/twin engine proppelers.

Generally big airports have special rules to operate general aviation aircrafts, for example you may only be allowed to fly if you file an IFR plan, VFR restrictions or no night flights or only specific runways allowed etc.

In real life, if you’re flying from one country to another you must first land in an international airport, then you can fly another airports within the country you visit. This is mandatory for customs to check your aircraft, to see what are you carrying and of course to seal your passport / check your visa etc.

This rule is different in Europe (if you fly from a European country to another European country you don’t need to do that).

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