Is gate spawning watched by expert ATC?

I was preparing for a FedEx flight and all five cargo gates were filled with passenger aircrafts and fighters. They only spawned there because it was right next to the active runway.

Is this a ghosting offense? Those players are taking away from the realism and doing it intentionally. Do it on CS or TS but on expert I would imagine more professionalism.

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Nope you do not get ghosted for spawning on other players. It’s not nice but it wouldn’t be fair to those who make mistakes and you can’t deny the right for poeple to fly from an airport because let’s say a; the gates at an airport where filled but they never moved from it then that’s not ideal in any way. The procedure is to hold one for pushback and allow the other to go.

For when an airport has spare parking gates I would like ATC to have a please move position or something because there have been many cases where on the expert server people spawn on me and while it’s annoying it could be easily sorted with that command. But ultimately I have learnt to deal with it. Hope that clears it all up for you.


No this is not a ghostable offense to spawn at the wrong gate. But people tend to spawn close to the nearest open runway as they don’t like to taxi to the other side of the airport for an example.

People just want to get of the ground as fast as possible pretty much although it doesn’t make much sense to see a A380 on a Cargo Gate…

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Thanks for the response. That’s good enough for me.

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Interesting question. As an airport editor we append metadata to each spawn point saying whether it is Airline, Cargo or GA. The spawn selection screen could easily be set to restrict which spawn locations are available by aircraft type. The data sets are already in place. Would need to allocate a plane type by model and a filter on the IF app screen!


I like that idea. Maybe just applicable to Expert though

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If this were to be applied in my opinion it should be applied to all servers. This would enforce some level of realism. In addition we can also lock down the use of military planes.

Well it does make sense, Lion Air B747 usually spotted on Cargo Terminal at Soekarno-Hatta Airport despite Soekarno-Hatta Airport Terminal 3 can handle an A380

Good question this. I have been irritated a number of times by 747s and 380s spawning at narrow gates and protruding back onto the taxiway blocking it. Ghosting would be too much but some mechanism, automated or atc for reducing this would improve the sim experience.

There are feature requests out there to vote on that limits spawning to aircraft size.


This is a good idea.
However, one very minor drawback is many people that don’t care what aircraft they use (as long as they get the closest gate) will deliberately choose cargo, etc. This might lead to a lack of people flying other types of aircraft at their favorite airports, however, I doubt this would ever become a major issue.

Maybe it can be server based? Everyone throws the “realism” word around until it means they have to taxi for an additional two minutes.

I will see if I can find the feature request so you can vote.

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For me taxiing is a fun part of the sim, particularly at busy times, and is another skill to be developed in terms of control, etiquette and planning.

Agreed. This bothers me too. Also for example seeing a SW jet at T6 at KLAX. They use T1. I am thinking they could add a message that pops up similar to the way it does when you select heavy on a non heavy aircraft. It could say, this gate is at the American terminal and you are in a Delta aircraft. Do you still want to spawn there? Or this is a parking space for a Cessna 172. You are in an A380. Do you still want to span there? However this should only be on expert.

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I like a long taxi it adds to the realism plus I get to see many planes takeoff and land great photo ops #keep calm and que

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