Is FPLTOIF working?

i just wanna know if the page working right? i cant get my flight plan


I’m having an issue on my end as well. It goes back to the menu after it loads. Chris is typing right now so we should get an answer. :)


Just give it time. It may be something on the simbrief side that happens every week or so.


I’m wondering the same thing but I open Infinite flight then go onto safari and open FLPtoIF and I fill in the stuff, then I press copy flight plan and it doesn’t load my flight plan.

Wasnt working for me earlier, but it is now. Seems to be all fixed!

It’s been working for me perfectly.

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It’s working for me perfectly. I use FlightAware to Infinite Flight, if that helps.

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It was not working for me 2 hours ago. But now, it is. Must’ve been an issue at that time. It should work now.


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