Is FPLtoIF down?

Hi everyone!

I’m trying I get a flight plan from FPLtoIF and it’s not working!



I believe thee service is down. I tried building a flight plan, but a blank page appears.

@Chris_S is the support person of it. He will tell us if its down


Is it down for you guys still?

Works fine for me

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If its not working for you I can get the flight plan for you (if that’s allowed)

It’s ok! I’m flying right now!

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Wasn’t working for me earlier!!


I have the same problem

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I had the same problem but now it’s working again. I messaged @Chris_S but got no response yet. We’ll see… saw quite many reports recently

Can you please try again?

Works again for me. Thanks for fixing :)

I would assume so. This isn’t the first post I’ve seen about it.

Ok it’s working for me now! @moderators you may now close this!