Is Foreflight Worth It?

Well, I’ve made up my mind; this is not something I will be saving up for (unless I pursue a real world aviation career). If a mod could close this, that would be great.

Personally If a random person comes up to me and says I have IF live subscription and 300$ what should I get? I would say: ForeFlight ! I absolutely love ForeFlight helps with planning and everything else you can think of. I have a complete logbook on it of my IF flights it’s amazing. I also use it IRL so that is also very worth it to. My answer is YES you should defintly get it I absolutely love it and it’s absl worth every penny.

Well, I don’t have $300 just laying around unfortunately…

I use ForeFlight a bunch in my real-world flying but don’t even bother using it as in-depth as the majority of these people do for Infinite Flight.

If you’re considering getting it just for the simulator, don’t. You’ll be paying a higher subscription rate for ForeFlight than the app itself… seems silly.

Yes but you can get the 99$ that’s for a year it’s its still extremely useful I had that one for about 3 months before upgrading.

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