Is Foreflight Worth It?

I just learned about this “Foreflight” thing recently, and I’m wondering if it’s worth the money. On one hand, the features it has are amazing, but on the other hand it’s $90 whole dollars. I don’t have that money now, but before I start saving up for it, I want to know if it’s worth saving up for in the first place. Opinions?


Are you using it for IF. If so honestly while it’s a great tool, I don’t think it’s necessary for IF since it’s so expensive. Now if your going real world flying and use it for IF as well like I do than it’s great. But for IF alone I don’t think it’s worth it


For me it is since I also use it in real life. Solely for IF? Probably not as you can put in a little more effort to get everything you need from multiple sources.

Edit: N1DG beat me to it and I basically was a parrot.

  • If you’re a pilot or someone learning to fly, then yes. It is absolutely worth it.

  • If you are looking to purchase ForeFlight as an addition to Infinite Flight, then I’d probably say you’d be making a poor choice. Its great to use side by side and there’s a lot of helpful features. But realize that this is a real world pilot app and not a companion app for a simulator.

  • Don’t make the mistake that @Chris_S made. If you have an android device, it will not work. ForeFlight is an iOS app only.


As a pilot and controller I find it totally worth it at $33 a month. Just the speed alone is worth the money and I love the suggested routes feature for flight planning. Airport diagrams for days. All in one place. Love it!

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It’s not a cost-efficient add-on to IF if you have other financial obligations. It’s intended for use by pilots. There are plenty of free sites that’ll get the job done for sim purposes.

It’s a great product, but cost-benefit for a non-RW pilot is skewed heavily to the former


i would suggest the website skyvector


I see myself getting this app someday, yet the reason for this is because I’m pursuing a PPL for my aviation career. If you intend to use this in real life for a similar reason or just a GA flight then, by all means, this app looks worth it. But if you are going to use this for Infinite Flight, just stick to the free or cheap alternative of LiveFlight.

I have ForeFlight for real world, and it’s awesome. What’s even better is the compatibility with IF.

Now, is it worth $99 just for IF?

That’s a very good question, and I have your answer.

Sadly, no.

As much as ForeFlight is an awesome application, I wouldn’t spend $100 for an app like ForeFlight solely for IF. That money can definitely be spent in better places. I hope this helps!


I tried that a while back, but I was pretty confused. Maybe I’ll try SkyVector again…

$33 dollars a month? Is the $99 dollars a down payment or something?

It can get pretty confusing usually on RW pilots use it

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It is $99 every three months, so $33 a month.

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Eh? It starts at $99 p/year and goes up by $100 per step up in plan level.

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And now I’m confused. Is it $99 per year or $99 per quarter. That’s a big difference…

I was wrong.

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Subscriptions are per year. I just went to check to make sure there wasn’t a change to the Basic plan that I didn’t know of.


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I think I know what’s wrong. I’ll edit this post so this doesn’t turn into a support topic.

Edit: I think I got that option because I had a free trial, it was one of the options.
$99/a year is $8.25/a month. They should advertise it as $8.25 a month, looks less dawnting.
$45/every 3 months is $15 a month.

I’m not sure how you’re getting ripped off. Your numbers are a tad confusing. 45/3 months = 33/month? Check your calculator again.

Anyway, every subscription service ever gives discounts for subscribing long term. A monthly or quarterly subscription will almost always be more expensive than an annual subscription. I can’t honestly think of a subscription for which this is not the case.


Whoops, I will blame that one on brain fog. 😂