Is FedEx active?

I have been waiting 24 hours for someone to contact me for FedEx VA. Don’t mind waiting longer but I just want to know if they are active?

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You should contact them on their VA thread, remember that their recruiters may not be active all day, everyday so expect some time between your application and them contacting you :) FedEx Express Virtual | Now Recruiting Pilots | VA updates!

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Last I heard they are active yes. I have seen pilots flying recently

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As someone who handles applications for a VA, I’d say give them 48 hours. If you haven’t heard back by then, then you can reach out.

I’d recommend messaging the staff responsible for recruiting new members for FedEx VA instead of making a public topic. That way you will know if they are active if they will respond to you. 🙂

I have also changed the topic category to #live:va.

24 hours isn’t much of a long wait for a recruiter to contact you, just remember recruiters are people with lives too I’m sure you’ll be contacted soon just some patience and I’m sure you’ll be in the air soon 😉

for most VA’s it takes about 24-48 hours. Be patient

I am part of FedEx VA, I have contacted the staffs they will be contacting you shortly.

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Yes sir we are active. We will be processing applications tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Hope to see you soon.

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Question answered