Is feature voting system kind of broken? Also regarding replacement of old liveries

Is anyone else unsatisfied with how feature requests work now? Everyone mostly votes for the bigger features, and smaller features requests get like 10 votes. It creates an issue where devs tend to fix the larger feature requests and the smaller ones just get left out even though they can be quickier to implement. Are there plans to separate feature requests into categories (like major, minor and livery)?

EDIT: should have been more clear. I am more concerned about representation issues because of “I’d like to see this in the game, but I don’t have a vote left.”

Also a concern about the replacement of the old AC liveries on the B77W and B77L in 20.2. There is a bit of lack of transparency regarding this. I know there are 200+ votes on the 77W livery, but how do you know how many of these people would actually want the old removed for the new?

Not really a big issue at all actually. Smaller feature requests have been added into the game a lot more often than what you may think. For example, the custom camera angles and the Cessna 172 rework

Not always true. Here is an example.

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Ok, kind of a radical idea, but I would love some kind of downvote feature.


Does discourse support that?
Anyways don’t people already get criticized for saying a feature is not needed immediately after someone posts a request? This would be a worse form of that.

For example, Discord has a downvote upvote system for feature requests. It’s quite common among other services but that’s an example, downvotes/upvotes can be waited differently.

Well that’s a bit harsh but something like a hidden dislike feature could work.

I do honestly think that the feature category should be split up into aircraft, liveries and general features or improvements. Just give everybody 5 votes for each category and the devs will get a much clearer picture of what the community wants.

Well at least that’s my cup of tea.


Well more like 1 for aircraft… but yeah I think we need multiple feature categories so votes don’t get swallowed by bigger requests.

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I think it’s less to give the devs a clearer picture, but to give us a clearer picture. Even tags would be kinda cool, would prefer those over subcategories for features.

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