Is FDS working on a350 or winglets for 737s

I have finished My subscription because My fps is decresaing by every update.and i am not thinking to buy subscription until i change My phone buy a new tablet etc. Or FDS add a350 to sim. So i just want to learn is FDS working on a350? If a staff member answer My question i will be happier.
Thanks IFC.


Sort of reiterating what I saw an admin say here-
There simply isn’t enough supplied information from A350 professionals or those specs on line to accurately create a flight model of the A-350.
Something along those lines was said.
FDS understands the demand, and you can vote for it here!


FDS has no plans for the A350 however they are working on Split scimitar winglets!


There was a picture on Instagram I think of what are new 737 winglets, but there are no known plans for an A350. I would expect to see clues to what is next after the TBM900 is added…


Hey do you mind if you send me the link to that photo thanks

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I know the Splits are coming (see above) but I don’t think their are any plans for the A350 currently, they do have a lot on their plate currently (TBM900, 737 Splits, continuing the game and bug fixes, upgrading scenery, etc) so I’m in no rush for a new plane right now, although I can’t wait for an A350, and now that CRJ development is done, maybe we’ll see it sometime soon. I’d rather wait for better updates than quick and bad rushed ones,!


We have a lot of things going on behind the scenes right now which we are all eager to show you! We just completed the CRJ-family, the TBM-930 is well under way and rumors are that there’s gonna be something happening to the 737’s in the nearby future.

That being said, the A350 is not planned to be released in the nearby future. But we are very much aware of how much some of the community wants it, so it’s definitely not forgotten :)