Is Expert running smoothly?

I’m planning on going on Love soon but don’t have the best connection so server lag will be a deciding factor. Just want to know for those flying Expert right now if the lag is severe or tolerable.

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Depends on your device! If it has a good processor, should handle it! But its over 100 pilots in a small area!


Just make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection as for controllers like me it’s quite annoying when a plane disappears on final and reappear on the runway while we cleared a plane for takeoff.

I’m running on a 5s and the wifi isn’t the best. Considering going on Casual

I just controlled PBI on the expert server and the app crashed on me 3 times and I’m using an iPad Pro. That has never happened before. Not sure if it is bugs from the update or if it’s because of the high number of planes on the server.

Depends on where you are.
Controlled KSRQ smoothly without disconnects or lags for an hour.

If you go on the busy routes, you won’t escape the lags.

Do not try it with a cellular network though!

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Er explain please

Also I have full settings and I have no lag 👌

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Playground usually has more then 100 or around that so it shouldn’t be a issue

You don’t need fast internet, you need stable one.
For example, when I was in Poland, my wifi wasnt stable and it was impossible to play IF live, even network speed was fast. Now I’m back home in Latvia and am using my cellar network. My provider is unique as it don’t cut network when I spend all my data plan, it just cuts the speed down to 64kb/S and I run IF without disconnects, plus I’m using zello and messenger in same time.

So generally is not about speed, but stability😊

I was just on expert server with my iPhone 6 with all graphics on high, and it runs perfect.

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Casual. Sorry, only got 3 hours of sleep last night

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Jeez that will be me tonight update hype needs to be statisfied

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