Is everyone satisfied with the August Update?



Telling us something is “off” doesn’t help us in any way to make it better. Show us a side by side comparison of what it looks like in the game and how it should look like in reality.

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You also made it to the gullible group 😂😭😭😂😂😂

Ok sorry Philippe I honestly thought people would catch my sarcasm. This was honestly one of the biggest best updates left you guys hit it outta the park here

No one can catch sarcasm on the Internet. Just saying

Well…I have no words

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Well ya but also who would make a big stink about a flap lever

I honestly don’t either but I’m going to stop talking before I get flagged by Carson

He will always be watching.

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I’ve only done this on the 777-300ER but when I turn the HDG the plane kinda jerks around as it gets into it’s turning level, it didn’t use too do that. Also APPR didn’t land on the runway… And the aircraft itself looks shorter than it use to be (I’m not complaining but it’s there!)
Also it is quite hard too see the GPS approaches and Fixes on the map.
I tried to spawn in at an airport and it did not load, it said I was out of the map.
Everything looks very smooth, I’m trying too get use too that…
Is it me or is ATC a bit delayed on replies??

But I’m very happy with everything else in the update! Free cam is awesome! :)

If you landed on KSFO, its an error of the Localizer. Its being fixed.

No it was KNUC

Maybe there’s an error on the localizer there too.

Yeah maybe…

Nope, KNUC’s approaches are GPS approaches meaning they’re handled by Infinite Flight, not the navigation team. It’s an automated system - so the problem is with the auto land, not the approach.


Another reason to practice manual landings.

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