Is everyone satisfied with the August Update?

Simple Question

1.Yes or No
3.No Feature Request


Of course we’re all satisfied! Why wouldn’t we be? :)


Great update, very happy and more than satisfied.

I can’t even think right now, I’m that happy

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Insert that one kid who complains about price here

Besides the pre update iOS user complaints and livery missing complaints I would call this perfect (I have no complaints I’m saying it was annoying when others did)


got issue with in-app purchase, partial happy and angry LOL…

Yeah that’s true xD but I had live plus so they just downloaded fine


The free can! Amazing! I imagine taking of almost vertically in the 787! 👍. It looks very realistic, and perfect for spotting videos!

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It would be a yes for me if I could buy the new planes.

  1. Yes - because of 787, new physics, 777, Dash 8 Yakutia
  2. No - because textures on IOS haven’t been fixed yet
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It should be fixed now. Restart the app if you are still having issues purchasing the new aircraft.

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dumbest question yet

its a yes from me

Yes 100000% on live with all of the traffic it can be slightly leggy, but in solo mode the game runs so smooth I cried tears of happiness

50/50. I liked that the 772ER, 77W and Citation X were reworked, but I still can’t tell why do I feel the controls being lighter on the 789 and 777LR when compared to the 772ER or the A320.

YES!!! The only thing I am looking forward to now is global flights, as far as 3D buildings etc I could care less.
But for this update??? It is 100% what we are needing.

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No I’m not I completely hate it it’s all horrible because the shape of the flap lever is off so I’m deleting IF and want a refund

Okay then…well that’s an interesting post. Not even a real description

Well that’s taking it to far,its just a flight sim on mobile devices so don’t expect FSX type stuff in this game.

It was a joke lol you are so gullible


Lmao so hard here 😂😂