Is Embry Riddle University really worth it’s cost?

Hello, I am a high schooler who is currently looking into colleges for aviation management and operations. One school that has been on my mind for years, is Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. I have done virtual tours but are still yet to take a real life tour. From these tours I have loved the courses, campus, and dorms. Only problem is, it costs a lot of money. I by far have the money to go to the college, but I was wondering if it is worth the cost. There are many other universities with great but not as renowned aviation programs. I was wondering if going to potentially the best aviation college in the USA but spending a lot of money would be worth it, or would I be better off at a not as good, but less expensive college with aviation programs. The other colleges I am talking about are Auburn, Florida Tech, Purdue, Western Michigan, and Everglades. Also does anybody have any other college suggestions for aviation management and operations? I am looking for more mid sized universities preferably in a more warm weather state like Florida. Thanks!


If you’re a freshman like your bio says, I wouldn’t sweat too much right now trying to decide where you want to go. A lot of things can change in the 2-3 years you have left and you don’t really want to get tunnel vision on a single school. With that being said, maybe @KPIT can provide some insight.


Personally, I think Embry Riddle is a Little over priced what I’m doing right now is getting my pilots licenses and doing an online program with liberty University. That allows me to get 43 credit hours. Through having my pilots licenses as well as doing dual credit community college courses, and then finishing up my degree online with Liberty

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We’re getting to the good stuff now…

Ooh! A real hit!

Might I introduce you, my friend, to a (not-so-) little school, the University of North Dakota! Not as well-known as other schools, UND holds an excellent reputation within the aviation industry and is on the forefront of what the industry is looking for and doing.

Okay, fine. Not everything is lined with gold up here. The weather isn’t super great, to put it nicely.

If you’d like more info on UND, I’d be happy to provide it to you. When I started looking into aviation colleges, I didn’t know about UND either. But if you want the best possible education for the cost and a reputation equally as highly considered, UND is the place to be.


Been out to Grand Forks… great aviation school BUT it’s still Grand Forks.

Purdue is the way to go (in the program and coming close to graduation). We have more flying days than UND but less flying days than Riddle.


I mean I personally know a few guys who went to the local college’s aviation program in Anchorage, Alaska (University of Alaska Anchorage) and they have solid careers in aviation companies now. Doesn’t have to be some fancy, renowned, remarkable school

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Thanks! I have heard good things about it, only parts I don’t like are the weather and that it’s in a small town/city and there wouldn’t be as much to do there as there would be in Daytona Beach or Orlando like Florida Tech and Embry Riddle. I will keep what you said in mind and look a bit deeper into it! Thanks!

I have heard good things about Liberty, I’m just a bit worried about how it is a very political school. Personally, i am not really interested in a super political college like Liberty.

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UAA seems solid besides the location and weather. It has been on my mind though.

Purdue seems very good especially because it is only a couple hour drive from my home town. UND does seem great besides the location of it. I’ve never been to North Dakota so maybe the assumptions I have about the state are not true. I will definitely keep UND on my mind for college.

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As a freshman who has a sister in college, I’ve seen how stressful junior and senior year can be. I have been looking at colleges early so that I will not have as much to do when it comes time to apply and make a decision.


Valid point. However, you can’t make a decision until you get offers though, I planned to go to a couple schools but I ended up not getting into any of them so it didn’t matter how much poking around I did. I just shot out applications for everywhere I was even considering going because they don’t take that long and are relatively inexpensive.


I also have done some tours as I thought colleges would like a student who showed early interest. I have done virtual tours but done multiple irl campus tours. Some of these have been because of my sister, but for colleges like Auburn and Saint Louis, I was looking to show the colleges that I have has interest for a while in their college. Is this something they actually look into or am I just making an assumption?

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Fully depends on the school, can’t hurt but I would highly doubt they track starting this early.

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Oh, ok. That makes sense. Thanks for the help!

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Disclaimer that I’m just a sophomore in college please don’t rely solely on my advice bc I could very well be wrong


What school do you go to?

University of Pennsylvania, obviously not an aviation school but yeah.


I don’t know how recent this is, or how it compares with other such search options, but this Flying Magazine page allows you to search by program focus, geography and cost. It grades each result against half a dozen criteria or so:
FLYING’s Flight School Guide - FLYING Magazine

No. Go military if you can. And if you can’t, the only school I would only advocate for Purdue.