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I have seen several posts (mostly on the Global Logbook thread) asking whether you can fly from EGLL-YSSY (London-Sydney) or YSSY-KJFK (Sydney-New York) non-stop!

Yes you can! In both directions, west and east-bound)

I have been testing this for a while, and so far succeeded with:

EGLL-YSSY/YSSY-EGLL (20 hours approx)

YSSY-KJFK/KJFK-YSSY (19.5 hours approx)
787-8/787-9/787-10(I was surprised with the -10)

So in conclusion:

You can attempt this in most of the long haul aircraft, however:

The 777-200ER failed in the YSSY-KJFK and back test and succeeded in the EGLL-YSSY and back test, but the 787-10 succeeded in doing YSSY-KJFK and back but not EGLL-YSSY and back


A Boeing 747-400 and up should make it
Boeing 777 depending on the model should make it
Boeing 787

Currently attempting with the 747-400 on EGLL-YSSY-EGLL and then will do YSSY-KJFK-YSSY later this week!

Will try it with the 747-8 as well, and will update this thread accordingly if it succeeds.

So far, looks like I will make it to Sydney with 2.35 hours of fuel to spare.

For all the tests, I just pack full fuel and whatever amount of pax and cargo which gets me to 100% load)

Yes all these tests have started out at MTOW!

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BA 77W on the first leg, QF A380 on the second

i think the 747-400 is not going to make it due to its fuel troubles in real life it has made it from Paris or Heathrow (i forget which one) to YSSY. but it is always worth a shot

The 747-400 made it in real life!

VH-OJA ‘Longreach’ - Qantas 747-400

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it made it on a delivery flight i believe. (Qantas Airways 747-400 aircraft VH-OJA holds the world record for the longest ever commercial flight, non-stop from London to Sydney in 20 hours, 9 minutes and 5 seconds in August 1989)

I did Toronto To Perth in a 777-300er, had more than enough fuel.

Perth to London non stop hold fuel use Qantas Airline around 16-17 hours

The B777-200LR has a range of around 24 hours and the B77W is around 23. The B77F can achieve 27 hours of flight time. Testing these things is always good as you learn more about how the aircraft handles and operates. This makes most routes possible with these aircraft and that’s why I due it the most for long hauls, it’s my favourite plane to fly on IF.

Once the 777X and A350ULR come I feel like more airlines would be open to do these routes because of the ranges on both of these planes.


I doubt it, I think most passengers would prefer 2 flights rather than sit on on one plane for long periods of time especially if you travel in economy, a lot of people seem to criticise the 17 hour Qantas flight from Perth to London so I don’t think it’s a strategy many airlines would take.

You may be able to do these flights empty. I challenge you to fly a 787 20 hours when it has a 60 or so business passengers

I’ve done a 787 flight, Perth to Heathrow full passengers.

That’s not an achievement. I’m talking about London to Sydney.

Perth to London isn’t long enough, I rarely do it because of how short it is. My flights are usually at the 20 hour mark

It’s highly achievable if you think about it? As long as you plan the route correctly, use the correct step climbs etc its more than achievable.

No I just use simbrief and it tells me the exact route, the speeds and altitudes and I input them into Vertical Navigation and I put the iPad down and don’t touch it for the next 18-24 hours

Sorry but simbrief isn’t always highly correct. I’ve done plently of flights with simbrief and I’ve had to alter them because the waypoints are stupidly crazy. expecting you to do a zig zap to get to some place.

Guys…this is kinda getting off-topic. Discussing simbrief capabilities is not what this topic was for


Basic altitude profile:

  • Ascent Rate: 2500ft/min
  • Ascent Speed: 250kts
  • Cruise Altitude: 35000ft
  • Cruise Speed: 420kts
  • Descent Rate: 1500ft/min
  • Descent Speed: 250kts
    Perth to London
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