Is DFW going to be a future airport as well as PIA?

I’m wondering if Peoria International Airport and Dallas love field and or Dallas international Airport will be future airports or if they are on the pro version I’m getting the pro version soon

Hey @Michael_Baugh ! Sorry to tell you but you can’t request airports, the devs work very hard and only pick on their choice! The best way is to wait and hopefully get PIA and DFW in a sooner update!

And also welcome to the community!

@BlueThunder08, not to be mean or anything, but he wasn’t requesting a airport just wondering if it ever will be made into 3D, there is a difference between requesting and wondering.

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Oh yeah the goal for the devs is to get all the airports 3D at one point, thats what I meant, and it’s all good @Aiden_Hodges !

Ok, good that we both understand. Hopefully they bring a lot more under used American airports out.


Yeah hopefully! The best way is to have patience my friend we will get there soon

Yes they are on the pro version if that’s what you mean.

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All 3 airports are in IF. However, none have 3D at the moment. Also, all 3 airports are available in the pro version but not the free version.


You can’t speak for the user. While @Michael_Baugh was vague in the description, it appears to me that the user was asking if the airports are in the sim already. I believe that the user might have though IF was like X-Plane in where they add new airports with every update instead of 3D airports every update.

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All airports are featured in pro

Hey there!

All airports are in Infinite Flight Pro. So yeah, go for it, you’ll enjoy pro!

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