Is “Climb VNAV“ coming anytime soon?

Does anybody know if the Devs plan to add VNAV to ascent?

Yes, I believe they have it in mind. It’s hard because speed is an issue. You don’t want to stall while climbing. :)

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that’s happened to me twice :/

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They plan to in the distant future and will implement it in a future version. No word has been said if they are working on it at this time. All we know is that they will bring it in the future.

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thank you all!

I believe at this time both the 20.1 hotfix and project metal have taken priority right now.

thank you! Im out of likes : /. this can be closed now

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Hey it’s a good thing to be out of likes!😂

i guess so 🤷🏾‍♂️

In real life VNAV also control speeds :) that’s why there is a speed incon in the A350 FMC