Is Casual server down?

Question in title. Can’t connect, other servers appear to be fine.

Connection problems?

Same problem for me, I can get on the server but the connection is orange.
iOS 10
iPad Air 2
Hotfix Update

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Same problem here. All other servers are fine, casual I can’t get on. Android elipses 8 tablet

It will most likely be fixed soon.

no TS1 and 2 were down i was doing a group fligth with my friends and it lagged all the palanes dissapeared

TS1 and 2 were fine. It was probably just your connection.

geez lern to spel plese. I haad howze speling tooday dide yu now?

Casual was definitely down.

Even the overspeed bug was broken!

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Oh sorry! does it really effect you in anyway: NO, I was typing quick

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You do realize on casual that there isn’t an overspeed right?

The alarm will still sound, but they won’t give you violations :)

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Alarm sounds but no violation .

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