Is "bumping" allowed?

So, I made a joke/comment which knocked my thread straight back to the top of features, it was flagged by numerous people as ‘Inappropriate’ I’m not here to cause a argument, I just wanted to know what people thought of the idea of bumping, bare in mind I can’t find any rules that state it isn’t allowed.

Thanks :)

I think bumping is frowned upon here.

Oh ok, I have seen forums that allow it as long as it is only once a week or 3 days, I wasn’t exactly spamming :)

I feel that tutorials and “reminders” on how to do things properly (ie communicate with ATC) can be bumped, I just feel that’s the right way to get people to know.

About feature requests, no.

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No your topic died leave it there

Is that a official rule? Or something that is just disliked :)

It is not allowed as it doesn’t add anything to the discussion

(Anything productive)


No, not any offical rules in my post, only my personal opinions on this.

If your Bumping comment got flagged and hidden …

You have your answer right there ( No not allowed )

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Nobody asked for your negativity mate, you were against it from the start, which I had no problem with, apart from you had no reason for it and you just managed to annoy people, if your going to join a debate, have something to fight with, and I would call a feature request with over 150 replies exactly dead

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I think spam bumping should not be done, but if you have a valid reason for bumping, for example you find a feature request from a few months ago, which has a lot likes, etc. Then bumping once should be acceptable, just to raise awareness for that request. Ex. B787 re-doing, or an a330 re-doing.

Sorry for the long post :)


Not long at all, we all love long posts here, makes a enjoyable read

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If you have something useful to say then no problem. If you bump a topic for no reason then I’ll just bump you down a trust level for no reason 😉 (joke)


hides from misha


Exactly what I do. I find something useful to say, and say it.


that was such a good roast as well, shame we have good moderators on this forum ;P


So overall it’s a no

Pretty much

Bumping a topic is really something you should avoid doing. Not only is it annoying, but it spams and clogs up everyone’s forum feed. Someone got suspended from excessive bumping.

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What is bumping??