Is Boeing really headed for disaster?

Right, a tricky one, but I think interesting. After watching a few documentaries, Boeing’s
potential has been brought to attention. The company its self appears to be run by
business people compared to engineers and experts of the field. Of course, this could
at first be thought to be a good thing, and enhance Boeing’s potential however when
launching their new aircraft, the 787, it could be said that it was a bit of a disaster.
The executive’s decision to cut costs lead to anger and feud inside the company.
Safety standards were in concern, their choice to overlook battery problems was
raised. Workers were not happy with the conditions and quality of the construction.
When the aircraft was released it was a wooden mock up. Then finally when it did go
into service, they suffered serious electrical problems, grounding the fleet.

Don’t get me wrong, Boeing have created some amazing engineering marvels,
they really started off the commercial aircraft production. There attitude to stick with
mechanical control surfaces and yokes compared to their counter parts has gained
respect. However when talking to a flight crew once they did suggest that maybe now,
other forms of controlling aircraft are more relevant and less cumbersome. Now Boeing
are focusing on reinventing old aircraft, however the truth is, how long can they rely
on their past reputation?

I am looking for sensible, measured answers and a decision. I am in no way trying to
upset or destroy anyone’s spirit however I am just interested in peoples thoughts
on the matter. Please do bare in mind this is interlay OPINION and what I have gathered
from various documentaries.

Thank you for you time :)


I watched the Aljeezera documentary on the B787 called broken dreams and that put some perspective on how Boeing aren’t as good as they used to be

Well Boeing was using the lithium ion batteries Airbus wanted to use for the A350 XWB. But when it experienced problems Airbus decides not to, so it’s the manufacturers of the imported parts for Boeing that is causing trouble.(in my opinion)

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With the B787 al lot of the plane is from suppliers and apparently it was co designed with Mitsubishi

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