Is Bluepanda900 no longer apart of the IFVARB?

While searching @ifvarb I noticed that Bluepanda900 was no longer apart of the group. This is a shock to me and probably everyone as well. I just wanted to share my findings with the IFC. Thanks, everyone.


He has resigned from his duties as an IFVARB admin. He will be missed!


Wait when did this happen? And is there a post stating this or any thing of that sort?

This happened maybe 3 days ago, the IFVARB slack workspace was notified.

Panda has stepped down from the IFVARB Admin team, but will remain an active member of the slack as an advisor to the group - As mentioned in our post to the rest of the team, the IFVARB team will be moving forward with just three admins.

A new thread will be coming soon with more info :)


Well, thank you @mwe2187 for that info. He will be missed but not forgotten.


I’ll be on the look out for that public statement.