Is approach really necessary?

I am getting wound up by approach forcibly taking over my fligh and leaving me too high to land on the runway. For fear of being ghosted I obeyed commands until it was too late to land safely. Are there some controllers that mislead you just for the fun of it?

On playground you won’t be ghosted because they don’t have the power to ghostl you and also its playground so many people ar newbies at flying and controlling. For a better experience try to fly on advanced server when possible so that won’t happen to you

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The Approach frequency is very important, especially at busy airports.

It also happened to me a couple of times that the (Advanced) Appr controller vectored me in too high…

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Wait is he talking about playground? Or advanced I thought he was talking about playground…

On Playground the approach controller sends you “xxx expect vectors for the ILS approach Runway 25L at Los Angeles”

That’s about it. You’re pretty much on your own from there lol

They don’t even understand the message: Expect vectors

Then give some goddamn vectors -.-


The bad controller but there are some (very rarely) good controllers

I was on the advanced server in Hawai.

Just fill your flight plan and ask for flight following so you can follow your heading and altitude.

To answer your question yes approach is a necessity.

If you think you’re too high, ask for descent to a lower altitude.

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Most times they do a good job, I’d rather prefere approach left me about 15knt miles to the airport at 4000ft and let me land my baby like I always do.

I think the way to find answers to this, is to keep in mind that Playground is a training server, for Pilots and for ATC’s. My personal view on this that I will obey instructions, even if I find them a bit questionable. When I see that Approach is forgetting my altitude, I just do a ‘request altitude’.

I do realise that sometimes it’s frustrating if you get crappy instructions from an ATC, but I don’t believe that ‘doing your own things because it sucks’ is the answer.

The more we take each other serious on Playground, the more fun it becomes.

On Advanced server we can expect proper instructions, and we’re allowed to get a bit frustrated if ATC is not doing his/her job right :-)


Playground is Free Flight Server with controllers.

I was not on playground, I was on advance server.

It happens to me that the approach just says, Expect vectors for XX runway at XXXXXX and then the just don’t do anything you have do decent and make all turns by your self. Please if you are Approach controller please know what to do first

Contact the controller via Pm.

Define “too high”? How far from the airport are you, what altitude are you told to use, what is the AGL?

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This would be a good use of FDR. At end of flight you could download fdr and then load it into a viewer that shows the flight path and ATC log.

It’s called playground for a reason.