Is anyone having runways disappear?

Lately I have been having runways and taxi ways disappear at airports. It like it not even there. It show the lights and parts of it show through the ground. But it like it’s not there for the most part. It has happened to me at SEA, LAX, and LAS.


Its happened to me too. I think this is an ongoing issue that will be and probably is being reviewed at this moment.

Hey, this happens when you change graphics mid-flight, and there are other causes, but the general solution is to hit “clear scenery cashe” it is in the “general” section in the settings.

Do you mean Like This One?

Clearing the scenery cache doesn’t always work for me


When it happens to me the whole airport goes like that, taxiways and all

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I think You need To Restart Your Device Maybe

Always works for me 🤷🏻‍♂️

Edit: I never said that it 100% works, I said it works in general.

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Or reinstall The IF

I have this problem when i fly over 17-18 hours

Restart the device


Happens to me a LOT at CYYC

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It happened to me once as well. I was on arrival in Miami and everything wasn’t loading in only the runways. I tried the clear scenery cache and it seemed like it worked but I haven’t tried a full flight since then.

Try changing the 3d density of objects, then restart your device and if that doesn’t work, try flying away from it then reload back into the airport.

This happened to me today with no runways for KLAX

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I had the same issue when landing in KIAH. Note- I’d done about 24hrs of fly, SIN-MAN-IAH
I did the clear the cache but it didnt work.

Sometimes that happens when the system overloads. You can clear the scenery cache and if it doesn’t work, try it a few times and then go on; the simulator is bound to crash.

It’s okay if it crashes at that point, it fixes the issues.

Happens to me at CYYC, try changing the 3d object density in your settings. If that doesn’t work, try flying away from the airport and joining back in.

This has always worked for me- try changing the graphic settings from high to medium to low, just change the graphic setting couple of times (finally setting it medium/high works for me). It should load now. For me the whole airport is blurred. No taxiway, airport building, runway, just the ground. Clear scenery didn’t work, above did.

I had this the other day on an approach into KJFK hahaha - it was a VERY werid landing

sounds like it’s a known issue, so i’m sure it’s been flagged with the devs :)

I hate it when it does that! It’s annoying and messes up my flight when trying to land. 😅