Is Anyone Going to Alaska Airlines Aviation Day 2019 @KPDX

Hey everyone. In about 18 hours, we commence Aviation Day 2019 at KPDX. This day celebrates aviation of all kinds.

So I had a question, are any of you going?

  • Yeah
  • No

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If you are going. Tell me if you want to meet up!



Funny to see how almost no one is going.

Meant to say no. Sorry if I got your hopes up…😂

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My dad would never let me go to the this because he doesn’t like the airport I don’t know why

KPDX is a great airport. That is really stupid in my opinion.

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I mean he likes the airport but he has to go for a reason like if he’s traveling or picking someone up you can tell he isn’t an avgeek😂

I don’t like PDX either, sorry if that hurts your feelings 😬

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All good with me.

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I am going to KPDX on Tuesday

Want to meet up on memorial day?

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Awe. :( Want to meet up on memorial day?

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I can’t meet up on Memorial Day sorry

I really want to go, but I live in LA

Darn I’m missing it! Maybe we can meet up when I get back

My dad refuses to fly right now in airliners because…i don’t know I guess germs

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