Is anyone else’s plane automatically flaring?

I used to do manual flares at 20 feet but now my plane is automaticity doing them. I usually fly A321 at 140 knots and 737-800 at 135 knots. They never flared automatically for 5 weeks until now. Why is this???


Are you using more trim perhaps?

Also maybe you have a slower descent rate.

Trim, as @Chatta290 said, could be affecting your flare. Do you mean your nose is automatically pitching up when nearing the runway?

Yes it is by around 3 degrees by its self.


Have you checked your trim? Maybe it’s a bit off…

For the 737 I set it to 25 and the A321 it’s at 35.

This wouldn’t have to do with the Ground Effect would it?

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I don’t really use trim much so I’m no one to say if that’s right or wrong. For more on trims, check this tutorial.

I honestly have no idea what that is.

Doesn’t ground effect only occur on helicopters? Or also on engine aircrafts too?

It’s a realistic effect where the ground can make your landings smoother
You’ll slowly float down

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Interesting, that explains a lot.

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So why would it only occur today and the first week global came out but not the rest of the time???

Ground effect is only present on the a320 family, 737-700BBJ, 787 family, Q400 and I think the C-130.


Also it could be because depending on how slow you are going you are going to automatically need to pitch your plane up a little if you are on autopilot. Also if you are not then flaps will automatically pull your nose up a little bit too.

Yep that’s happened to me every time in the A321 I don’t know why (note to self don’t fly the A321)


note to self you need to find the speed best for the flaps you apply (1 degrees - 160-180 knots)

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If you’re only using Flaps 1 at 160 you’re risking falling out of the sky…

well in the world of infinite flight and it’s physics, it will not stall. as long as that little dot is touching the degree or almost touching the first degree under the horizon line, i’m good.

Generally speaking, at 160 you should be configured for landing and have at least Flaps 3, just because IF doesn’t quite simulate Flaps up/down stall speeds doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be realistic