Is anyone else constantly having to turn fixes on and off?


So for the past few months when I’m doing my flight plan, I’ve had to continuously turn fixes on and off on the map so they show up. Somehow they keep turning off even when they’re activated on the map. But as soon as I turn them off and on again they’re back.

Anyone else having this problem?


do you mean “activate leg”, if not what do you mean by “turn fixes on and off”?

Are you sure it’s not only a question of zoom?

This hasn’t been a issue so far on my side

As in the actual fixes on the map disappear. On the map where you can choose what appears on the map eg. approaches, fixes, airspace, navaids. I have to keep switching fixes on and off because if I zoom out or centre on my aircraft, they disappear again. It’s frustrating when planning a flight.

Nah because when I switch them off and on again they’re there. It’s weird.

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Oh do you mean the blue fixes before implementing them into your FPL

Its normal there is a certain zoom range for fixes to be visible for a more easier way to create a FPL I recommend using websites that do them for you for example:

Its very useful , I hope this answers your concerns!!

Yeah the little blue triangles. I know there’s a zoom range. This is within the zoom they still disappear. I’ll zoom out then back in and they’re still gone. But when I turn them off and back on the reappear. It’s weird.

I use flight planning sites for longer flights but for small domestics I like to create my own based on real flights I watch, so this problem can be annoying.

Are you waiting a few seconds for them to reload back in? When you change zooms levels it forces the system to get the data from where you zoomed again and it can take a few seconds I believe.

Yeah because if I stay on the same zoom level and move to the side they take a few seconds to appear but when I’m zooming in and out they don’t load at all.

When you zoom in and out, like you said they appear depending on zoom. Once you zoom out of range I think it resets so you may be experiencing the loading time. Can you give me some step by step instructions to reproduce this issue by any chance? Would help me personally grasp the issue itself. A video would also be awesome but I don’t want to ask for too much. :)

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