Is anyone an actual pilot?

Hello IFC,
I was wondering if anyone was an actual pilot with a license because I would Like to ask them a few questions.

  1. How old were you when you started flying?
  2. what are some tips for pre-teens that want to be a pilot?
  3. How old do I have to be to start training?

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I started at 17 I did ground school in highschool. My school had this as an option with a few other Aviation related courses.

Tips - SAVE UP start doing that ASAP. Work hard save up. Pay for everything up front at once.
You can start training any time!


I started flying when I was 14. I started logging hours when I was 14 back in September 2018.

The CAA allow you to start flying under instruction when you are 14. 16 to go solo and 17 to get your license.

I encourage you to start early as possible. It’s a great Hobby and I’ve never been sad

If you are looking into flight schools, I recommend you go and do a trial flight first. You can get used to an instructor and the club. Get to know people better


Seeing as you’re from Aus, a quick google found the following:
Begin Training: No minimum
Go Solo for RPL: 15
PPL: 16
CPL: 17

RPL is Recreational Pilots license and allows you to fly solo and take passengers within the airport’s training area only.


i’m 14 and i’ve just done my first flight a couple weeks ago so there are no restrictions on when you can start training


I hold a microlight licence in the UK. I started my training while 16 and was ready for the GST (real life’s version of an IF practical test) by my 17th birthday, only to be let down by the weather. I now have around 45-46 hours in the book.
Of all the recommendations I can give you, these would be the top ones:

1 - Have the money ready if you’re shooting for the licence. I cannot stress this enough. It relieves a massive amount of stress knowing the money is just there and available, meaning one less thing to worry about during your training.
2 - As someone else mentioned above, take a trial flight first. Make sure you actually enjoy flight light aircraft. This will also give you time to ask any questions that pop into your head, further helping you make a decision.
3 - Be motivated. Focus on your books and study properly for your tests. As much as we hate it, there are two sides to flying; practical and theoretical. Infinite Flight only shows you the practical side, hence why there are so many low quality pilot’s around on all servers. However, the theoretical side is equally as important. Knowledge of why the plane flies, not just how to fly it, can be key in troubleshooting situations.
Personally I’m driven by my lifelong desire to be a commercial pilot. I saw microlighting as a good chance to get flying and start building up my instincts early.

Hopefully this helps. Absolutely feel free to PM me if you have any questions regarding training etc!


An individual needs to be at least 12 years of age to sit in the left seat of an aircraft with an instructor in the right seat.

What everyone else has said is correct.
I have just a few things that I think I should mention:

  1. Don’t let flying take over school. Almost all airlines require a four year college degree (doesn’t have to be in aviation).

  2. You will have to do the ground school eventually. I great quote I heard from an instructor: “if you don’t want to do the ground school, than maybe reconsider being a pilot”.

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Not in Aus. All they require is that you can reach the rudder pedals. My aero club trained a pilot at age 10 (then he had to wait 5 years to go solo 😣)


In the USA you can begin your flight training at any age. You can also solo in a glider at 14.


That’s interesting… I wasn’t allowed to take my discovery flight until age 12 due to legal issues.

Well, I guess I learn something new every day.


I did mine at 10. Anyways, so I’m not getting off topic I really do recommend doing it! It’s fun and the feeling you get when you have a perfect landing is amazing. It’s very expensive so as other people have said save/work in as many ways as you can. One last thing, make sure you have the right flight school. Have a good day!

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I went through Air Cadets. Started ground school at 15 started flying gliders when I was 16 and got my single prop power licence just recently now 18 years old. I plan on staying where I am at. Just take your time and enjoy it. I’d say my favorite thing is flying pipers and towing up other gliders that are training. Just because that’s where I was and now I want to help others get there aswell.

My favorite plane is a Cirrus SR22 G6.


Not my plane. But I’m in the RAF Air Cadets and I get to fly loads of light Aircraft and Gliders ✈️

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Depending on where you are in the World, there are obviously different rules and regulations, my advice to you, start as soon as you can, that Experience will come in handy, fly something that is a known and respected Trainer, don’t go training in a… I don’t know, a P-51 Mustang or something ridiculous, so in the event you have to move flying schools, you are familiar with the Type. Look for a flying school that offers good rates, with well maintained aircraft, and experienced instructors, usually, doing a few trial lessons at different schools, and comparing them, is a good choice, if able.

Don’t try and rush your PPL, that can lead to mistakes, and mistakes can be fatal. Listen to your instructors advice, they know what they are doing, hopefully 😬

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I’m 16 and I have started flight training late last year. Flying is really fun and addictive so as people have mentioned save up a lot of money as you are definitely gonna need it. I train in the c152 and Piper Warrior both planes are very different and fun to fly

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I’m 12 and I can’t do nothing yet but when I do become a pilot I will see infinite flight devs one day and I will thank them


One other thing I’ll say is use Infinite Flight as a training tool. The XCub is an excellent way to work on your multitasking skills. Sounds boring, but flying circuits in the XCub will actually improve your ability when it comes to actual flying. Work on flying without the HUD too.

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I’m 13 and I did my discovery flight when I was 10, so I’m also working towards getting my PPL and my solo😁

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Hey Matt,

I was in Air Cadets in Canada, so I started my flight training at 16 with my gliders licence and then my power licence at 17.

If you have not already you should think about joining the Australian Air Cadets. This will provide you with lots of information on aviation as well as possibly funding lots of your pilots licence if you get it through cadets. On top of that you get to make lots of great friends and have lots of experiences just from being in the cadet squadron!

My other advice to you is to try and figure out if you just want to fly for fun on the side or as a career! If as a career, consider looking into programs that offer both a postsecondary education (degree/diploma) as well as flight training. This way you can get two birds with one stone, as mentioned by someone earlier, some airlines require that education. Additionally you typically can receive funding for the flight training if it’s part of the postsecondary training as well!

In either case look around at a few flight schools to see what’s best for you. Take a look at this for a quick idea of what to look for!

Other than that good luck and I hope you’re able to get your licence one day. Make sure to keep at it and don’t fall behind or get lazy! You’re also bound to make mistakes, so don’t let it get you down and use that as a stepping stone to make you a better pilot and get right back in the plane:)

Best of luck, and feel free to ask any questions you may have,



Two types of cadets I know of in Australia is Royal Australia Air Force Cadets and the Australian Air League. These are just 2 options if you wish to join a cadet group in Australia

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