Is anybody going to control KPHX in the next hour and a half?

Expert server
I’m only asking because it’s a featured airport today and i’m on the end of an 11HR flight from Zurich and i would like some ATC, if the won’t be i’ll “Divert” to KDFW

As you may know, IFATC controllers are volunteers. They will open featured airports when time permits and they are able to, as they have other commitments as well.

I know, i’m thinking of being IFATC myself however, i was simply asking weather people were going to control it that’s all.

Yeah, I know and I understand you wanting IFATC after a long flight like you mentioned. It really just depends…

Yeah, we’ll see…

I’ll open KPHX for you, just leave me 5 minutes.
I hope you haven’t diverted yet.

We do not do ATC upon request for a single flight, nor do we know the exact times it will be open.

Questions such as these are part of the reason the schedule thread had to be closed.


I wasn’t requesting the ATC I was simply asking if anyone was going to be on

Yes, I answered that as well.

That’s why i was asking

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