Is an iPhone Worth It?

Personally yes if your after security and support which gurentees 5 years if updates depending which device. From my preferance I’m more of an Android guy currently rocking the Pixel 3. But an iPad is great since bigger screen (I play IF on the iPad pro 10.5). Your choice.

Get Android and if your lucky to get 2 years of support even 3/4 or iPhone for 5 years.

As for storage get like 256gb, 512 is Overkill but worth in the run.

No but you see, the original Pixel was released in 2016. The iPhone 8 only costs a bit more than the Pixel 2 on eBay, but the only reason for the price gap is the fact that the iPhone was simply $50 more expensive for the same config, which is almost equivalent to the price gap. The reason I think the pixel 3 is way better than the iPhone is because for the same config (64 GB of storage), Apple charged $200 more for the XS than Google did for the Pixel 3 on release. We’ll have to see how much prices go up for both new phones that are released in a month or two, but I’ll bet that when the Pixel 4 is released in October it’ll be at least $100 less expensive than Apple’s new phone, while probably being just as good. Apple’s price hikes have made me lose all of my respect for them. The “Apple’s technology is way better than the competition” argument was solid up until 2017, in my opinion, because Xiaomi, Huawei and Google have entered the market, and while Huawei’s phones are also quite expensive, Apple is still charging way too much for what you get. If they had become the first company to offer wireless charging, I might understand. But most other big brands offered it at the same time! I think Apple’s insane prices don’t make sense at all, and they’re only charging so much because of the “luxury” associated with their logo. TL;DR they have some of the worst value for money of any phones.

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Alright, this is kinda leading up to an Apple Vs Samsung thread guys.

Lets not go there, because we know the consequences 😉

The OP has asked if an iPhone is worth it, nowhere did he/she say anything about Samsung.

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Of course an iPhone XS is worth it! I don’t know about infinite flight though. If you want to buy something just to play infinite flight, I suggest you buy the iPad Pro;). Infinite flight in that would just be… THE BEST!
(I remember the iPad Pro is a little more expensive than the iPhone XS

The experience of IF on the iPhone Xs is amazing! I wouldn‘t buy it only for IF though.

Don’t get a XS MAX yet. The Apple event is in three days where they’ll present new iPhones and other hardware.

I’ll See Can I Swap iPhone 10s for 11s max

I wouldnt buy an iPhone. An anroid could get great peformance for a lower price. If you would use an iPhone for alot more, then sure go for it.

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Yeah it is. I use an XS and it runs like a charm

I will admit that I did mess up the year, and an iPhone 7 would have been the correct comparison, but that is still selling for well over 200, more than twice the same year pixel. Apple may not be what it once was, but it is hard to find a phone on Android that is such an all rounder, not to mention that the custom silicone inside Apple devices has been up to a generation ahead of the ones from Qualcomm. And with the A13 set to focus heavily on graphics is could easily the best mobile chip for gaming, which is all and all what this is about. If you look at the top dog phones on Android, S10s, Note 10s, pixels, they are all getting dangerously close to, if not exceeding that 1k price tag that Apple gets so much hate for. Look at the XR, that was close to 700, not cheep, but it has the latest silicon from Apple, and that Apple software, and support. I should mention that, because when was the last time you went to the Samsung store? Apple is oddly unique in how easy it is to take you’re phone to the manufacturer, not a 3rd party carrier, and get it fixed, or replaced. Not to mention that you can walk in, and have them physically help you with any hardware or software issues you may encounter. Personally I prefer iPhones for a number of reasons, but honestly it’s subjective at that point, there are great Android phones, but for me an iPhone is worth it, but there are equally valid reasons it’s not. Here’s two great videos to compare why, or why not to get one…

Yes. You can close this thread now.

DO NOT buy an iPhone yet. Wait until the event in 2 days announces the next iPhone. Then, when the new iPhones release, you can either buy the new one or get the current one for cheaper.

However, on the subject of an iPhone in general, it really is totally up to you. For Infinite Flight, any high-end Android phone or iPhone will both be able to run it perfectly fine. Performance really is not a worry. What you should base your decision on is whether you prefer iOS or Android, whether you like the design of the iPhone or an Android phone, or whether there are any features valuable to you on only one platform. The real main decision though is generally purely based on the OS.

I personally prefer iOS, so I would get an iPhone. However, other people may prefer Android. It really is a software game now instead of a hardware game, so you couldn’t really go wrong with either.

Just saying…the new iPhones get announced tomorrow with even better performance than last year’s iPhones - so I would wait for that

If you want advice i will give good one.
You should buy the last iPad pro 12.9 inches
512 GB .
That’s will give you 3 years at least and working pretty good . Plus you save money .

iPad Pro

I Decided To Buy The iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB More Expensive But Great

By now It runs SIM with clouds and 3D airports.SO YES IT WILL

Thats always a decision of the costumer. However I will give u my experience with my I phone XS.

I bought it less than a year ago, got used to it and flew on it for a bit. It was a good experience, very smooth, nice graphics no lag, no heating, a nice switch from my old I phone 6s.
However, I later got myself a I Pad Pro 12inch and since then absolutely love flying on it. Never the less the I phone X is a great option too, I have no complains about it

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