Is an iPhone Worth It?

Hello Everyone A Question More or Less Will I Buy iPhone 10s Max 512GB Worth Buying IF In iPhone 10s Max?

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You will be able to use Infinite Flight on maximum settings if you decide to purchase the iPhone XS Max. If I were you, I would wait until September 10th when Apple will announce their newest line of iPhones and purchase the newer models (if you have the money).


This topic should have stats and results from test. iPhones are great to play IF on, however the screen may be too small for some people; a solution to this problem would be tobey an iPad.


Check this page:

Also this topic is a little difficult to understand, I had to read it a few times for it to make sense :)


Here’s a tip, try and compare the lifespan of all the devices your considering. You would want it to last long. The average lifespan of an IPhone is 4 Years and 3 Months.

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The next generation will be announced on Tuesday, I would wait until then to get an iPhone.

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Buy the S10+, infinity display, HDR 10+ plus can run max settings way better than the iPhone due to a better graphics card…

Waiting for the new iPhone will be apple’s copy Samsung innovation time so you be you.

This is the newer updated thread:

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I have the 128GB and run all my settings on high/very high. Absolutely flawless.

IF runs great on phone but I prefer using a iPad for IF the iPad is built for IF

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The beat overall device is the IPad Pro, as it is used by the IF Team and their BETA Testing.

I use the Samsung Galaxy A40 and it is basically a copy of the iPhone X, it runs medium graphics with live cockpit, but overall I would suggest new apple devices. #Expensive.


Don’t buy an IPhone now!

That’s all I have to say, they announce the new one on Tuesday, so in a week or two you can atleast get the curent one for alot cheeper


I have an iPhone and I would recommend a Google Pixel. Apple is known to phase out their iPhones after a couple years, while I think Google phones often last longer than that. One of my friends has one and it is a much better phone. If you want a new generation phone, get the Pixel 3 for a lower price and better quality than Apple’s phones.

Of course! I prefer Samsung though

I’m going to go with what everyone said and wait till September 10th to see the new iPhone models. I use an S10 (not plus) and IF runs beautifully. The screen also automatically dims significantly to preserve battery life (almost as if the screen is off) and doesnt have a large notch, just a circular cutout which to me is an amazing part of the phone. Obviously it’s your final decision so I’ll leave you up to it

If it is a device just only for Infinite Flight so buy an iPad Pro 11 inches or more. It’s breathtaking on iPad. Settings to full of course

I agree with @KPIT here.

just wait a few more days, and you’ll get it for a great price!

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That’s not entirely true, everyone gets upset at Apple but look at an iPhone 8 resale value compared to the original pixel. The pixel is going for 50-100 while the 8 is doing 350-400. Rember they both came out in 2017 Apple phones last a long time, and despite the claims of them reducing performance and what not all of that was done in the hopes that devices would preform optimally for as long as possible. They have borderline unrivaled software longevity, and are generally the most powerful phones for a given generation. iPhones may not be for everyone, but they are darn good phones expensive as they may be…

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Or even get more performance for the current price, both good options, either way definitely wait…

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The iPhone 11 is eh, not really my type. Everyone’s different I guess but you should be fine with a Xs MAX because my XR handles it perfectly on max settings.

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