Is AirShou safe?

i want to start making IF vids for ios is airshou safe i just got my new phone i cant risk getting another broken

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I’m sure it’s safe. Lots of people have used it before and haven’t had large issues such as this.

i haven’t had an issue with aishou i just wanna verify its safe to use


As long as you take the necessary precautions (e.g. switching it off properly, not taking videos of your passwords/personal information), it should be fine!


what u means switching it off properly (sorry im an airshou noob)

yeah i use it all the time.
You first need a to download it from iEmulators.
Then sign in.
Then have your iDevice and swipe up from the bottom of the device.
It will say ****iDevice (AirShou)
Then you will start recording.

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thanks so much also do u still need a code for it

No not really.

Make sure you switch off Airplay when you are not using it. When you’re done saving your video, make sure you close the app AND remove it from your “multitasker” (double tap the home button in succession to see the apps that are running, swipe them up to remove them from multitask)

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ok thanks man

ill make a video soon

No aproblemo

can i pm u if i have questions bulba

Some things I want to mention make sure it says landscape (Home button to the left)
And if you do I’m always there.

thanks check ur pms

Thousands of gamers use it for recording their iOS devices, so, you can be pretty certain it’s safe and much more safe then jailbreaking.


If you have a spare 10 bucks you can get Reflector 2

Airshou is VERY safe it only askes you to do the profile manager thing because Apple don’t allow screen recorders (ITunes password thing) That only overrides it. But I do warn you when updating your iPad you delete airshou but you can keep normal shou as when you update your iPad Apple scan said iPad/phone for third party software and such if they find a banned software they can brick your iPad (Make your iPad/iPhone a potato) So it’s kinda risky but it’s the ONLY legitimate screen recorder that works for iOS. Anyway redownload airshou after deleting it.

Also on a side note if airshou crashes all the time delete it and regret it and it should work fine. 👌 Hope this helped. Any problems just ask me I was a alpha tester :)

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If it crashes redownload it because it has been updated.

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How do I record without my voice?