Is Air India VA inactive?

I had been looking for Air India VA but I haven’t found anything…



India Virtual is still an active VA I believe. Here is their thread for you to check out.

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it’s been 3-4 weeks I had applied for air india but no response at all so I thought It was dead

Oh I didn’t realize that

now when I’m applying it says form is deleted

help me out

Unfortunately I do not know what to do here, sorry

ok it’s dead


Please send us a message at @IFVARB so we can investigate this further.

Thank you!

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You just join by clicking on the join discord button


yeah it’s not actually dead I saw it just now

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Hello @Ranjana_Sullere_Sull

This is to confirm that we provide a direct access of INVA Discord server to the Pilots who wish to join us.

Unfortunately the link to the Pilot application is still there amd the same will be deleted at the earliest.

There is no Prerequisite to join India Virtual however you need to clear the Check Ride so as to start flying for the VA.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Varun | President India Virtual


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