Is Aeromexico VA still running?

Hello everybody. I was wondering if Aeromexico Virtual was still running, because I would like to create that. On the IFVARB website it doesn’t show Aeromexico Virtual being a VA, but I’d like to make sure. Thank you!

The original AeroMexico VA shut down. Currently, there’s no AeroMexico VA active.


Thanks, so it would be ok for me to start working on creating an Aeromexico VA?

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Yep, you should be good. I checked the IFVARB Banned Airline list (linked below and you’re all set! Can’t wait to see your VA takeoff into the skies.

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Thank you so much for your help!

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You’re welcome!

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I was just reading a different post about this airline and apparently it was a very popular VA back when it was running, you should have amazing success once you’re up and running 🙂

This is very interesting. Just out of curiosity, why is Air India banned? Isn’t there an AIVA operating right now??

No, unfortunately. They had to shut down to a significant legal encounter with Air India and their owner, the Indian Government.

Dang I never would have expected that.