Is ADS-B Already an IF Feature?

I’ve always been interested in the ADS-B system and its implementation (albeit late in the US). Is this something we’re already using considering all the features in the video seem available to us in IF, or is there something special about ADS-B that IF hasn’t taken advantage of yet?

uhhh, we already have accurate positioning, the map radar is 100% accurate, unlike radar IRL which is inaccurate as it needs to continually radarify (great verb). ADS-B gives ATC more accurate positioning which we don’t need as the game knows the excat location of every plane…


I just can’t digest this topic…

IF is electronic duude, not actual aircraft sending out where they are…


IF is a simulation, so just because it’s “electronic” doesn’t mean real-world principles don’t apply. According to your responses, I’d say the answer is yes. Thanks, guys!


How can a flight sim on an electronic device use a satellite to tell where the aircraft are inside of an app?


You “simulate” it. It is actually possible—not literally—but via manipulation of code and such, in short. Either way, the point of ADS-B is to replace radar, so I suppose my topic is mute.