Is A321 Auto Pilot Problem fixed?

In the two streams shown here and, The A321 there is a prolblem with the autopilot were the plane stalls by it’s self. Has anyone had this problem before?

You mean when the plane keeps bobbing up and down?

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Yes, and it stalls.

As of right now no I don’t think it is, the Devs are looking into it still.

okay, do you know when it will be fixed?

Who knows, I know the Devs are trying but just keep looking at #announcements in the future

The issue isn’t fixed yet, it happened to me yesterday. The devs are well aware of it though and a fix should be too far.

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I got speeding violations.

It is still being looked into and will be announced when it is going to be released.

While there are issues with bobbing majority of what has been found can be attributed to speed, vertical speed, and external factors.

On the second video, part of the problem is going 210kts while climbing 2k VS through 30k. By the time autopilot was engaged for the speed it was already struggling to maintain.

In the first video this is what the devs are trying to research. The bobbing gets to the point where it is beyond the limits for AP and it disengaged.

It is frustrating but keep an eye out in #announcements when it is resolved.


Ok, i will.

A question out of topic, have you guys fixed the bug that in the cockpit you cannot see others plane strobe lights and landing lights?
You promised me that will be fixed.

It has not been fixed yet. When bugs are fixed they will be included with the release notes in #announcements.


I’ve found this issue happens mostly with a heavy head/crosswind and at heavier weights. I generally will lighten up the front cargo and leave the back with more weight-sometimes that seems to help.

For now, a good workaround is to set VS to 0 instead of ALT-in other words lock your VS and leave ALT turned off.

In other news- having talked to RW A321 Pilots, they’ve said the RW A321 does this where they’ve gotta lock VS because the RW 321 starts “hunting for a speed” by using pitch at altitude. Dunno if that helps anyone out but I thought it was interesting that the devs got it right!


Kindly take into account this is kinda basic needs for pilot when you are in the cockpit.

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I hope this is fixed soon. I’ve been avoiding flying the A321 because it really started to become a nuisance lately.

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Not everyone has this issue, so it might look like it’s been fixed. I have never had this issue (yet), but I hope that it can be fixed soon! 😁👍

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I had a topic about this problem one and half year ago,very wellknown issue but still not fixed somehow.Maybe it’s hard to solve than it seems.Beside this,there are problems like APPR mode,weird wing inclinations due to winds,throttle goes max and spawns at 50%,unrealistic deflections when crosswind takeoffs and landings…etc.I think devs should focus on playability a bit more.

By the way on higher or high pitch sensivity AP works better according to my observations.You can give it a try,that may help.

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