Is a white aircraft not Unknown?

I was doing ATC at SFO recently, and an aircraft becam white, now I figured it was unknown, and was not going to bother with it too much since there was like no traffic. But then he contacted me, and I was able to contact him, and we were in good coma till the ground. He was white all the way, I was also doing ground, and he was white there too, and again no problems… I was under the impression that white aircraft were unknown, and we had no coms, is this not the case or was this a one off glitch?

Here is the only screenshot I have if it helps anyone…

Didn’t feel like this belonged in support since nothing is “wrong” just not how I thought…

White means they are tuned to your frequency but you are not controlling it, ie: they tuned in to your frequency and haven’t said anything yet, or you swiped their flight strip away. Selecting a white aircraft will turn it blue and add the flight strip to your list as well.

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This is true, however, generally this causes a glitch where the strip will not indicate green when they are cleared to land. Or, if in pattern, it may stay green throughout the entirety of their stay. It’s kind of annoying so I try to wait for them to call in if I think that’s gonna come. If they have no reason to do so, then I just grin and bear it.

One thing that I try to avoid which often causes this is looking at the pilot’s info from a different freq while they’re on another you’re controlling. (For example, if they’re on tower, don’t click on them from ground. Switch to tower first and do it. Same for approach/departure.)


I just put that there in case you swiped someone away and needed to talk to them again. I don’t put anyone on my flight strip list unless I really need them there. Thanks for pointing that out though.

I wasn’t contradicting. Adding.


Actually that’s one thing I do a lot of. I’ll have to cut that out. Been lucky I guess? :D

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