Is a version of Pc expected in next few months?


First of all I would like to avoid comments like “infinite flight is mobile”“stop talking about it now” etc etc etc…

It is pure curiosity, the Pc platform left a big gap after the progressive degradation of FSX by antiquity, other simulators such as flightgear or aerofly 2 do not fill that gap that many of us have.
Hope was restored with the Dovetail FSW but, as many of you know, this simulator was cancelled a few weeks ago.
The dominance and monopoly that the Xplane 11 has is evident and I believe that monopolies are not at all good in the virtual world or in any area of life.
So I believe that Infinite flight can enter and succeed in the PC world and fill a deep void that exists.

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No. Currently PCs are not supported, as of now.
Use a mobile device, that’s what IF is meant for.
So it IS a mobile flight sim.

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@Delta319 Please refrain from giving incorrect information, if you’re wondering about PC you should check this post out.


No PC version of infinite flight has been announced by the devs so no.

Look with all due respect, playing on a mobile phone may be fine, but if you want to simulate…
For God’s sake, it’s a cell phone!!
As you say, when we are strict, Infinite flight is for mobiles, I tell you that a mobile is NOT for flying and simulating but for calling.

You’d be suprised by the power some mobile devices have.

We have no plans to do this in the near future. 🙂