Is a Southwest 737 no flap landing an emergency?

from my topic was that someone said landing with no flaps is
not an emergency

Yes it’s an emergency and is very dangerous as @KPIT answered in your topic.

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You could probably argue between Mayday and PAN PAN if the runway is long enough, but there isn’t a single situation I could imagine where you would want to land with Flaps 0.

I am not too sure about the airline‘s SOPs in such cases though.

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Depends on the aircraft and the company, we defer our flaps on our aircraft and when that happens our DO and Chief Pilot talk about safety procedures and what to do

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To my knowledge, landing with flaps is an emergency because it’s very dangerous because you wouldn’t be able to slow down to the proper speeds.

Yes, no flaps is a complete emergency. As some people have said, you will not be able to land at the correct speeds.
Here is an example:

i have seen i turned it into a infinite flight scene

Not sure about the 737, but some
Considerations on the C130 is nose wheel touchdown speed. You don’t want to over speed the rating of the tire. We practice no flap landings though. But If we do have a flap issue, we may or may not declare an emergency depending on other circumstances.

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