Is a member TL2

I was just wondering was a member TL2 because if it is i didn’t get the beta 🧐


Yes TL2 is indeed member. As for why you don’t see beta, it’s probably because you have the category muted, just go here: #open-beta. Be advised though, it is only for IOS due to the way non-public betas are handled by the google play store

I wouldn’t worry about having access to the beta for 20.3 now. The rollout for the update has started :)

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The rollout for the app has been postponed most likely till tomorrow due to outages

Thanks for that info @Kevinsoto1502 makes sense.

Where did you get this information?

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It was told to us by Cameron and they hve posted a little note here ok the IFC aswell

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Check the blue info notes where it shows the google outage and expert server issues

Thanks. I haven’t read that yet :)

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Yup no problem!

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Ah ok that’s great thanks for your help 👍💯

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