Is a flight that goes around the airport ok in casual service

Hello IFC, sometimes when I am on live flight I see flight plans goeing around the airport and I wonder if that’s actually aloud. Example below. I only see this on casual as a say.
Is it aloud in casual?
If so, is it ok on training or expert?
Example of what I see. This was maid by me on solo but not actually used. I never do this.

Yes this is allowed. This is pattern work and the point of it is to get a lot of landings. Works best in a GA plane


Even on training and expert?

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9/10 times not on expert. Its called pattern work. Atis will say "No pattern work aloud " so on and so on. That means when you takeoff don’t request a landing at that airport. If Atis doesn’t say “No pattern work” Then you can request to do it and in that case you’d have to follow Atc instructions


Means you takeoff with no intention of remaining in the pattern (because it’s not being accepted at the time) , if you takeoff, departing straight out let’s say, and ask for landing you will be refered to the tutorials.


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