Is 4G no longer able to handle my IF flights? (Too much data use, can't connect to Global server)

I have been experiencing a few connectivity issues recently.

First let me give some context:

Currently, I’m a Grade 4 pilot with over 800 hours of flight time over the past 4 months (I like to put my plane in the sky and then focus on other things I need to do throughout the day, and often times I would have flights that last up to 9-10 hours or more). From my current location, I am only able to use 4G, because the wifi setup does not let me access the live server. So for all of my flights, I have been using cellular data. Additionally, I have been using 3 companion apps (IFAssistant, IFPax, and now IFOperations) during my flights because they’re just great apps to have while flying in the sim just to heighten the realism of it all. I connect my iPad to my iPhone’s personal hotspot before starting everything related to IF.

Now, the story/issue:

Today, while flying to Krasnoyarsk from Beijing (ATC controlled), I noticed that my device was incapable of accessing the global server. The check mark kept changing color from green to red during taxi and takeoff, until I reached cruising altitude, where it just stayed red. I would resolve the issue two or three times during the flight by momentarily switching to wifi so I can regain access to the global server, but as I’ve said before, the way wifi is set up in my location, I cannot access the live server. So connecting to wifi reconnects me to the global server, but disconnects me from the live server; and switching back to 4G/cellular would reconnect me to live, but disconnect me from the global server. It’s a bummer. This phenomena started today.

Anyway, after completing the flight to Krasnoyarsk, the app became very slow on 4G, as in, when I try to begin a new flight on 4G, the flight loads, but never starts; I am stuck on the loading screen for what feels like ages (20+ minutes before giving up on trying to fly). When I am on wifi, it loads just fine, but again, no live server.

This was never an issue before though, 4G was working well enough for me, so I wonder if I have now used too much data while flying? Many of my flights tend to be quite long and I basically have 300 landings now.

Is there something I can do to fix this issue? Or would I just need to look to getting wifi (even pocket wifi) in order to access the live server and fly smoothly without any connection issues? What can I do?

Feels to me like I’ll just have to settle for finding a better wifi situation (in a few months).

PS. I know this is a bit long, but thanks for taking the time to read it.

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Well, according to my sources cellular data or wifi should work on infinite flight. Have you tried restarting your device by any chance?

If you have and the situation is still active, possibly caching scenery data should relax a bit on your cellular wifi. To do this, go to: Settings —> General —> Scroll down to the bottom and you should see “Clear Sceneary Data”, tap on it and tap on yes.

I also recommend you delete your replays, it should also provide additional support to relax cellular wifi (correct me if I’m wrong). To do this: Go to “REPLAYS” —> Tap on the circle —> then click either “Delete Selected”, “Delete Unstarred” or “Delete All”. If you would like to save any replays, head to this link below and upload any replays you want to save there.

If you’re still experiencing this issue, then contact a moderator for additional help.

I’m open to constructive criticism if you find that there is anything wrong with the information I provided.

These clear space, not Data Use.

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Well, I’m guessing space is putting pressure on cellular data.

Storage Space has no effect on Cellular Data. If you have any more questions about this,send me a PM, and I’ll be glad to explain.

If that’s not the case… then background applications could be causing pressure on cellular data?

Where do you live? Your data provider might have issues today.

It’s a problem on your side I believe, I can play on H+ for hours via connection share from another device.


He’s talking about his cellular data not connection share (correct me if I’m wrong). So, do you think a simple device restart could do the trick or background applications could be causing pressure on cellular data or is it just that the data provider is not working today @Q-ENAN?

When did this start to happen? If today was the first day that this had happened then I would not assumed that the 4G is not able to handle flights anymore

I can run IF when I’m on 3G so to say that the signal isnt strong enough isnt true. You dont need 5G to run IF

Right, so my question in all of this, is why is my iPad all of a sudden loading my flights so slowly, when it wasn’t before; and why I am unable to connect to the global server anymore?

@Q-ENAN it definitely seems to be an out of the blue problem on my side. I live in Japan so everything should be normal. I’m trying to understand why things suddenly stopped working as they did.

Does if use data when you’re connected to WIFI (sorry if this is a dumb question)

When you fly on infinite flight, you either use IF a wifi connection or a cellular connection. I’ve been using a cellular connection, which isn’t as good/fast as wifi.

this might be a stretch but this started happening on the first flight after I updated IF with the Hotfix. So maybe that’s what set everything off. @Chris_S @schyllberg . I’ve been unable to start flights like I used to ever since. Even when I try it now, the flight has been stuck on the loading screen, loading forever. It seems to be a global server accessibility issue after the hotfix.

I’ve got another issue since the Hotfix update, but it’s kinda similar.

I always used IF with my WiFi and a VPN. Nothing changed, speed is stable and everything is the same. But since the last update, it’s very weird when I fly online. The connection always seems to be alright (green icon) but: Planes are drifting around, falling through the ground and flying backwards through the air as if they’re having connection issues. In addition, a lot of planes just randomly disappear on the map and in game just to appear again after a few minutes, all while I can still hear them on ATC and I can still see other planes normally.

Not sure if this might be connected. Maybe something changed in the back so a faster network speed is required now? I already wrote a PM to @schyllberg about this as well. If it’s not connected, I can create an own topic. But I already saw a couple other reports of connection issues.

I just created a topic myself. You recommended I install the hotfix for another small issue I was dealing with, and I wanted to get the hotfix. I didn’t realize I didn’t have it! But literally, as soon as I started my first flight after the Hotfix, I started having these problems. Now, I can’t even load a flight… It’s a bummer. It’d be nice to just have normal wifi and not deal with this issue at all.