Is 3GB RAM enough?

Well, i am looking on a new phone to buy since my old phone cant run IF due to new features.

As the topic name suggests, Is 3GB RAM enough?

And any Filipino’s who play IF here, what is your suggestion?

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Put your graphic settings to low and 3 gb is perfect 😉 however Apple devices can even run smoothly on high graphic settings with 3 gb ram

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Definitely, especially on an Apple device as even the top of the line iPhones these days only run around 4… Being able to run it with many apps in the background or on the highest settings is a different question tho…


👆🏼what they said

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I play with 3gb ram with all high graphics and AA on and it runs perfect

Thats i want tho… play with High graphics.

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What device are you talking about specifically? Usually RAM isn’t the number one most important spec in you device.

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Nice Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V you got there mate! Good to know it works… 😉

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I play with all on high on a 3GB ram and it’s perfect/not bad

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Well i have many contestants on my mind, Vivo, Oppo and many more but i cant buy those Apples.

If you’d like more information on devices, you can check this thread:


2 of you literally linked the same topic😂

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guess adam won the race.


Ah. I know Oppo makes some great budget end phones with top of the line processors, haven’t read up much into Vivo. You should probably slay it with medium to high graphics settings with medium plane count on a mid-range phone from them, though the thread @Adam linked is a great resource.

Thanks, i might look Oneplus 7T pro.

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Oh that phone is way more than perfect, I have the Oneplus 7 Pro which has slightly lower specs and it runs like a dream and a half. Perfect phone.

Same. I also have a 3gb apple product and it can run with full graphic settings

oof. oneplus too expensive for my budget

I have a 6gb phone with a decent performance for 354SGD (hopefully it’s still within your budget for you, especially when it is in Filipino pesos) it’s a Huawei Y9s.

Before everyone throws there phone in the ring, the topics linked above cover every device used by the IFC if it’s been reported. If your about to throw your device in the conversation just get it on the topic linked by @Adam if it’s not already there. In doing so you’ll not only help OP, but also anyone else who is looking for the infinite flight performance of your device. If the device is on the latest iOS or Android respectively it’s probably fine to boot, but performance could be questionable depending, if it’s not, or if you just want to know specifics again check the linked topic. @Dan_77 has made a great topic to avoid situations exactly like this where everyone and there dog throws a phone or tablet in the ring and we get more or less nowhere.

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