Is 32GB enough?

Hi there everyone! I’m currently wondering what iPad is best for me and I’m wondering if 32GB is enough to be able to run infinite flight with a decent amount of free storage space? Thanks!


The app itself can take up a rather considerable amount of storage (depending replays, number of aircraft etc).

However, as long as you have 1GB or more free space available - you should be good to go :)


Ok perfect! Do you think its worth more to do that or get a one year older iPad with 128GB? It’d be from a 2019 7th Generation to a 2018 6th.

It depends on what you intend to use it for. If it’s only for Infinite Flight - go for the more recent one.

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Yeah it’d be infinite flight and a few other small things so I’ll go with that most likely! Thank you very much!

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It should be enough :)

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