Is 3000fpm a too fast climbing rate?

Well I think the title is self-explanatory 😀


It really depends on the aircraft in my opinion



Not at all!


If you’re in a Cessna, yes. But if you’re in a 747 nope, not at all.


Ok thanks 👍

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Some planes go upto 4000 fpm sometimes

Sometimes I do 5000 fpm lol

MaxSez: Off the cuff comments without substantiations are worthless! Remember opinions are like (deleted) everybody got one! Please qualify technical answers with facts not wishful thinking or “I’ides”, Just sayin…


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Yes, it is. 2000 FPM is good.

So would -3000fpm for descent be alright?

No, that’s to much. 2000 FPM is good

No, it’s too fast. Usually I do 2500 MAX.

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So climbing rate and descent rate can’t be the same?

No, if you were descending at -3000FPM then your passengers might not feel very well ;)

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No it is not. Most airlines do an initial climb of 3000fpm for the first minute. Really have only tracked A320 family members doing less with initial climb out at only 2500fpm. For example, today on an actually flight out of ATL on a 717 the climb rate was 4000fpm for 2 minutes. The climb limit of an aircraft really is only limited by it’s thrust to weight capability.

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I mean like this. So you guys say that 3000fpm is prob the max climb rate you should be at but then on descent -3000fpm can’t be the max descent rate it has to be less.

Yeah, the lowest I go is -2000 fpm when descending

Heard cargo planes sometimes go up to 6000fpm

Oh ok lol 😄