Is 20.3 out?

I am not able to open the app because it says “this beta guild has expired”…so I assume 20.3 is out…

Yes 20.3 is out check the app store

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Yes it is out :)

Make sure you use the same accound you used ti buy IF when going to redownload

Keep in mind, some people, myself included, reported that it was still showing up as 20.2 in the app store, so if you see 20.2 - ignore that, download it and it should be 20.3

its not showing up on my app store…

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Show us a screenshot


ummmm…i searched for infinite flight…and it updated

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Perfect! Then your question has been answerd :)

Oh it’s out alright, I can prove it with this pic I just took of mt Rainer from my United 757 coming into KSEA!

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ohh…mods can close this one then…

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OP requests closure.