Irresponsible ATC

My biggest pet peeve about multiplayer is irresponsible ATC, there have been many times that atc have told planes to enter runways while I was on short final, and I had to go around. Has anyone else had problems with this?

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You can continue in the link i’ve provided.


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So sorry for the inconvenience, IFATC try hard to make sure everything runs quickly, efficiently and safely and we do tell aircraft to enter the runways when aircraft are on a 3 mile final mostly and tell them to expedite their departure but sometimes they don’t understand that command which in turns leads to Go Arounds. At busy airports, it is almost standard practice to squeeze out as many aircraft as possible to ensure that there is no long line of aircraft and that is also why we tell aircraft to enter but we also tell them to please expedite to avoid GA’s. At IFATC we try our hardest to make sure everything goes smoothly and safe but sometimes we do make mistakes we are all human. But we always try to improve each and every session ;)


To follow up, if you had a problem with a specific controller, feel free to PM them about the situation. They’d be happy to explain why they did what they did.

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And I think it should be in #atc category

I had this a few days ago

Can I also please request you to stop spamming and creating topics…you probably won’t get to TL2 by tomorrow by doing this.

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Honestly, being ATC is really hard. Thats the answer to this question/pet peeve

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As people have mentioned above, mainly in busy airports, our duty is to make sure that as many aircraft as possible get off the ground, while still doing our best to make those in the air land. Oftentimes, it works, sometimes not, and that’s beyond our control, not at all intentional.

If you’d like to complain about those ATCs that I admire for their hard work and their willingness to serve on the expert server, I’d suggest you first doing it on PM to the concerned controllers, and second just take the time to realize how uneasy it is to be an ATC, mainly, as I said, in busy airports.

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As @anon67724595 said in busy airports departure lines get too long that it forces us to tighten up and start sending them when an aircraft is on final , and it should work every time because there is a certain limit which is 4nm beyond that ATC should not clear an aircraft for take off , main factor that causes go-arounds is the pilots, they either take so long to enter and take off or they come extremely fast to short final.

I hope this provides a clear answer , thank you for reading have a great day!!

I think we’ve covered this. Please feel free to contact the controller after your flight to follow up, or appeals as necessary.