Iron Maiden's Boeing 747-400

I’m not sure its a great addition, but i submit Iron Maiden Livery for B747-400 (the photo show -100 or -200)
What do you think?


You’re not sure? Why aren’t you sure? Of course it’s a great addition! :-)


FYI…How many of you know that Iron Maiden’s front man and lead vocalist…Bruce Dickinson… is really a licensed 747 pilot…along with his almost legendary musical talents…like John Travolta…so he is probably sharing at least some of the flying duties…on their latest world tour…

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He trained to be a qualified 747 Pilot so he can fly to each gig!!

It would be an awesome addition to the 747-400 fleet :)

Iron Maiden puts on a great concert. Up the irons!

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Here’s a photo of the Iron Maiden 747-400:
Photo Credit: Garry Lewis


Up the Irons!!
Deffinetly would be my favorite!

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I hate the look, it came up when I searched my IF callsign on Google Images.

I seen it once at FLL luckily, but it would be something different to add in IF.

It will be a great idea

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It will be great if the IF team add one of this

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Being a huge fan of Iron Maiden, I want to add that he is not only a licenced pilot for 747 and 757, but also worked as a first officer in British World Airlines and as a first officer and captain in Astraeus Airlines. Also he owns (or owned) an aircraft repairment and leasing company.
I also highly recommend everybody to find and watch the Discovery “Flying heavy metal with Bruce Dickinson”… A series about aviation and its history issued somewhere in early 00s (dont remeber for sure)…

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