Iron Maiden's 747 Damaged

Iron Maiden’s 747 (EdForceOne) damaged after collision with airport tug in Santiago.
Two people injured.




Dang… The you can’t even recognize the tug.


This is brutal.

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Did the tug hit the engine or did the plane hit the tug?

I think as the 747 was taxing it hit the tug causing the damage.

No, it was during pushback

Oh wow how did the tug get in the way of a 747?
The damage is on the front of the engine not the back.

Something to do with the pin not being in the tug properly, so when it went to turn it went wrong… thats what I heard…

Is there an article about it yet?

Pilot: what the hell have you done!?
Tug driver: sorry I didn’t see you there :(

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Maybe the tug driver wanted an autograph.

Tug driver might lose his no claims discount…

This happened after a tug pin came undone while the plane was turning, which caused another tug to crash into it. 2 new engines may be needed, and let’s just say they won’t be cheap.


That really sucks.