Iron Maiden's 747-400 - Book of Souls tour

Looks like Captain Dickinson has graduated from the 757 to the big boy’s toys:

Just very, very awesome :-)


Seems a bit excessive…

Moved to RWA

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Not at all, it’s utterly, utterly awesome :-)

Yes, I’m 39 going on 13, I love Maiden though and Bruce Dickinson is nothing short of a genius. Reckoned to be one of the few genuine polymaths out there.

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Whatever floats yout boat 😀.

It’s awesome! I’m a huge Maiden fan and this just compounds my Maiden nerdiness! Bruce has got his rating to fly it now too.


More photos. So pretty.


Poor ATC. He must have suffered a heart attack after seeing that.

Why not an 800i?

Is that fire on the wheels?

I suspect to do with costs, Maiden are loaded but they’re not that loaded.

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Yes. The 747 is powered by the flames of Hell. Eddie has a good deal going with the Beast himself to supply cheap and sustainable energy generated by the souls of the damned. The downside is the screaming you hear when the plane lands.


That’s beacon light effect with Jet wash

This landed at my local airport (Cardiff International) yesterday!

Go get photos!! :-)

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If I had time I would!


Here is some ATC audio with ABD666 landing at KFLL. Bruce wasn’t flying, but everyone was very interested!


A lot of Maiden fans at ATC!

Will this ever fly into JFK?

It is in Las Vegas as I type. Awesome plane to see in the airport.