Iron Maiden Ed Force 1 747-400

Hey guys,

I love to fly the Boeing 747 around and just think that the aircraft is amazing and in need of a rework. What I am asking is to add the Ed Force 1 livery from Iron Maiden in the next rework for the 747 or if there is no rework in the near future to please take some time to add this amazing looking livery.

Thank you

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Out of votes, but in support you get me?


Should probably include a source for your picture…

Misha might get angry.


I am out of votes as well

Who is Misha?

MishaCamp.(AKA Superman) (AKA Magik Wisdom Unicorn)

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I’m actually voting for this… 100% would love to have this in IF!


Little off topic, but how many votes do you have until you are “out” of votes?
Edit: voted!

Bonus points if the lead singer flies it.

(Plus, is there any better backing music to an IF video than “Aces High?”)


Haha - should have known. Like a moth to a flame, eh Tim?



That’s right


I like this a lot. More fun, unique liveries please!

My music taste has taken me from the soft rock of Queen, to the heavy metal of Iron Maiden. I’m only beginning to explore this new genre, but would love to see this plane in IF!

What have you deprived yourself of all this time? So wrong.

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Run to the hills, run for your lives 🤘🏻

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I had never noticed until I thought of checking, but we technically already have the plane😁. Just with the wrong livery… it seems that the registration used to be f-gith and the plane was owned by Air France. (Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know much about registrations) Well guess what🙃:

Would definitely love to fly it with the real livery though!

And I’m sure @jasonrosewell can put good pressure on the devs😜


Sadly this livery does not fly anymore. The aircraft is currently on lease to Saudi airlines.

Would still be lovely to have it.

I was just checking the IFC about this livery. Glad somebody beat me to it! Voted and I would love to see this livery in IF

Bumping because we absolutely need this.

Also @jasonrosewell good to see a fellow Iron Maiden fan.